Sunday, December 2, 2012

iTunes 11 Support Tons Of New Features And Fully Compatible With All Jailbroken Devices

Before yesterday, Apple has released itunes 11 with very important feature. This feature is that the itunes 11 is compatible with Jailbreak. In addition to this feature, there are huge number of features were brought with iTunes 11. We want to confirm again that this version of itunes is compatible with all jailbroken devices. And we will give you more information about iTunes 11 here below after the jump.

iTunes 11 is compatible with Jailbroken Devices

After doing some research and digging in the iTunes 11, we have concluded that this version is perfectly compatible with the Jailbreak devise. We have tried sync our jailbroken devices and everything works just like the normal devices. Moreover, the even better thing is that, we were also successful in restoring our Jailbroken devices using iTunes.
So, if you are not updating to iTunes 11 just because of compatibility with Jailbroken devices, don’t worry because it is perfectly alright for all devices. Don't hesitate to update to itunes 11 now head over our download links and get it now from here