Friday, January 11, 2013

How To Change Your iPhone control into ultimate Computer Mouse

How To Change Your iPhone control into ultimate Computer Mouse  Smartphones really open the world of innovation for hardware and software developers alike. In recent days, a lot of manufacturers have been developing accessories along with apps to accompany them that work with smartphones in order to provide a much better experience for the user. A number of apps even enabled us to use our Android or iOS device to use it as a Keyboard or a mouse for a computer but a number of creative individuals have gone even further with it by making a device that provides us with an ability to use it as a gesture-based mouse.

How To Change Your iPhone control into ultimate Computer Mouse :

MAUZ is a new project which aims to give you the luxury of using your computer via gestures and visual cues by using your ever-powerful iPhone. You can do things like,
  • Use it as a mouse.
  • Set hotkeys/gestures for your favorite apps.
  • Use your iPhone to set the orientation of 3D objects by using the sensors in your iPhone.
  • Zoom in by using pinch in/out.

And all that magic is done by one minuscule device that plugs in to your iPhone’s Lightning connector/30 pin Dock adopter making your iPhone much more than what Apple wanted it to be. Witness the wonders of MAUZ in the video embedded below,
MAUZ is currently in the Kickstarter funding stages and needs $150,000 in order to go into production. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it is really an innovative project and we would love to see it hit retail. Pledge $45 or more and it would get you a brand new MAUZ along with a MiniBag to carry your MAUZ on key-chain and 4 Slider stickers if it.