Friday, January 11, 2013

Pod2g Presents PodDJ App With All Music Tools To Make Your Private Mixes [ Download ]

Pod2g Presents PodDJ App on The App Store - Apple Store is rich with thousands of application which allow you to capture photos editing photos, recording videos and input voices and sounds with videos. Pod2g has presented new app called podDJ that lets you do even more by giving you the capability to create whole music mixes along with an elegantly designed UI. If the app name looks familiar to you, then you might be guessing right as PodDJ is created by the famous iOS jailbreak developer, pod2G. This App is available on app store. Let's see the video and download the app after the jump.

Pod2g Presents PodDJ App on The App Store :

PodDJ its own music mixing engine that simply give you the control to do whatever you like with your music. Thanks to the excellent UI and design, even newbies can take advantage of this. It clearly shows that pod2G has put in a lot of thought behind the placing of controls throughout the app. One more thing you’d notice instantly is the brilliant touch to sound reactivity. You really have to use the app yourself to see the amazing output.

As far as the list of feature goes, here is what you can do with PodDJ,
  • iTunes library access without any conversion (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF…) 
  • Monitor (pre-cueing) output
  • Multi-Route audio: individual output management (you can choose where the monitor and each turntable output goes) 
  • Compatibility with stereo splitting cables
  • 5 milliseconds of sound latency
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Zero latency cue points
  • Zero latency key lock (time shifting) using DIRAC 3 technology 
  • Automatic BPM detection 
  • Manual (tap) BPM computation 
  • No limit to the number of touches (multiple controls at the same time are accessible) 
  • High fidelity equalizer with separate bass, medium and treble settings, kill buttons, and 2 possibles curves 
  • Highly customizable turntable emulation 
  • AirPlay compatible 
  • Numark iDJ Live compatible
The moment you enter the app, all your iTunes music would be available to you without any delay so that really is a life-saver.

Pod2g Application PodDJ Now Available on The App Store video

Download  PodDJ for $7.99 ($5.99 for 12th and 13th of January) From App Store.