Sunday, March 24, 2013

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Upcoming Concepts & Features [ Video ]

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Upcoming Concepts & Features : Last week, we heard a report from famous blog Digitimes that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5S in the summer, with improved speed and a better camera. We have also heard many reports alleging an iPhone 5S with a design not much different from that of the iPhone 5, from credible sources such as iMore and WSJ. Let's see these videos below to know more about iPhone 6 and iOS 7 predicted features and concepts but after the jump.

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Upcoming Concepts & Features  :

However, the iPhone 6 will be introduced next year alongside of a budgeted iPhone with a plastic body. After talking about all these rumors, we have just found some conceptual videos of Apple’s next generation iPhone 6 and iOS 7.
Jesse Head has made a concept video of iOS 7, which shows different aspects of iOS 7 such as the notification center, lock screen, and the multitasking switch. In this concept video, double pressing the home button will open up the multitasking tray, which displays live previews of all opened apps.
This multitasking design also includes a new search bar, so you can search for an open application in the multitasking tray. The concept also includes different toggles, such as brightness, volume control,  music toggles and system toggles. 
This Video Shows iOS 7 Concept : 

On the other hand, Arthur Reis has posted a slide show of renderings of the next generation iPhone. This video imagines an iPhone 6 with a larger display and thinner bezels. It also shows a 12 mega pixel camera, and a completely redesigned home button, which occupies the entirety of the iPhone’s bottom beneath the screen.
The concept iPhone 6 is also two times faster than the previous generation iPhone, which would be the iPhone 5S, which hasn’t actually been announced yet – rumors predict it will be announced in the third quarter of this year.
This Video Shows iPhone 6 Concept :