Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saurik Cyueue Cydia Tweak Is Now available on Cydia

Saurik Cyueue Cydia Tweak Is Now available on Cydia. Saurik, developer of Cydia, is now involved in the development of Cydia Tweaks. In fact, he recently released a tweak called ‘Cyueue‘ which, adds spice to the stock music application on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
This tweak allows you to queue music in the stock  application, similar to the music player queue in iTunes. This tweak is really useful to set temporary playlists on your iPhone. So, if you are having a party or any other special occasion, using this tweak, you can queue the next track you want to hear while playing the current song on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Saurik Cyueue Cydia Tweak Is Now available on Cydia :

After installing Cyueue, you will have different options. The first option is “Now playing”, just like the native Music application. The second option is to set “Play Next” to queue up a song as your next track, while the last option is “Play last” to make a song last in the queue.
Here’s what Saurik posted about his tweak:
In April of 2012, iOS 5.1 had been out over a month with no jailbreak in sight. It is at times like this when there is suddenly time to “build new things”.
Usually, I spend that time building new developer tools or working on new features of the Cydia payment backend system, but I got the itch to Substrate.
After doing some research into “what would users actually want to see”, I came across a pattern of users having issues with the iPod/Music application.
In fact, every few weeks, people had been asking for the same extension: a way to queue songs up without having to stop your currently playing song.
Of course, I didn’t actually know much about the iPod/Music app’s internals, so I needed to spend some time first improving my development tools ;P (dusting off my old “Aspective-C”).
Fate, however, was not kind to this project: just before I was able to get it all put together, my time was stolen by the release of Rocky Racoon, the iOS 5.1.1 untether exploit; pulled out of the moment, I never managed to return.
To this day, people ask for this very feature, and it has been burning on my mind (nay, my soul) that I had never released the project: I couldn’t stand it.
Meanwhile, the demand behind this concept has only increased: instead of once every few weeks, I see this idea come up a few times every week.
Of course, in the world of iOS hacks, code often rots; but I found my old designs and prototypes: amazingly, everything was still working on iOS 6.1.
Finishing this project and getting it out was thereby cathartic: extracting a dangling thread from my mind that was bothering me every day for a year.

Cyueue will not add a new icon to the home screen and will not give you any options to configure in the settings menu. However, it is available in the Cydia Store for only $2.49. At this price, it is really a great tweak to have.