Friday, May 3, 2013

Download T-Mobile TV App With A Free Hot Channels For Your iPhone

Few days ago, T-mobile the well known company has released new app for iPhone users. This app called T-Mobile TV. This application allows iPhone users to open and watch TV shows and Live TV as a streaming service. T-Mobile TV app has been released for android system in 2010 and now it available for Apple devices. In addition to TV show and Live Streaming, it also includes sports, programming, news, and kid channels. Let's know how to get this app but after the following jump.

You can buy access to T-Mobile TV app and get two type of packages : 

  • First package costs  $5.99 / month and includes ( playground TV, PBS Kids, Nick JR, Sesame Street, and Crackle Movies )
  • Second one is a prime package which costs $12.99 / month and it includes :

-Live and On Demand sports from ESPN Mobile TV, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports.
-Kids programming including the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Discovery and Animal Planet.
-Streaming news from ABC News Now, Bloomberg, FOX News and FOX Business.
-On Demand Primetime and Reality shows from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC and more.
-Includes programming from ABC Family, MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, E! and VH1.

T-Mobile offer a free trial of this app for 30 days as you can get FOX News, Associated Press, sports, Campus Insiders, ACC Digital Network, kids programming and more other free channels.

Download T-Mobile TV app For Free from App Store.