Sunday, May 5, 2013

Play On The Piano To Unlock Your iPhone With Piano Passcode Tweak [ Video ]

Play the piano to unlock your iPhone. Few weeks ago, we discovered a new feature called piano passcode on the new jailbreak. This new property replaced passcode numbers with 7 piano keys. To unlock your iPhone, you must play on piano keys. Let's see screenshots for piano passcode after the jump.

Each of the seven keys has a distinctive voice. To open the iPhone you must enter the same tone you saved  at adjust passcode. 

How to use Piano Passcode On Your iPhone : 

Now, after you install this app on your iPhone's disk, you can enter the settings then choose Piano Passcode settings menu finally change the passcode as you like.  

After these steps, you will be asked to create your own  melody from 1 to 7 tones. 

Watch following screenshots for Piano Passcode app :

Watch this amazing video :

Download Piano Passcode tweak from Cydia >>BigBoss Repo For $0.99.