Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S4.

Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 - We know that  either iPhone 5s or Galaxy S4 are enormously popular, but both of them is very different from the other. There are many differences like screen size, design and more.
Now here is a question - which one is best for you? ...Let's know this after the jump.

 Samsung Galaxy S4:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 now is  ideal as standard-sized Androids handsets. There were many  successful improvements  over last year's Galaxy S3. These improvements include : sharper screen, improved performance, a 13-megapixel camera and more.

The good in Galaxy S4 :
The Galaxy S4 is speedy all-rounder which makes better performance, a big, bright screen, tons of of features, impressive 13-megapixel camera and the latest version of android work in S4's favor. 

The bad in Galaxy S4 :
 The Touchwiz UI lacks extensive design language. The enormous array of settings and features and poor UX design may confuse users.The plastic chassis looks cheap and the occasional performance are disappointing to see.

The compendium :
 The Galaxy S4 is easy recommendation for you if you want Android phone performs well and has all feature box you can imagine. But  Samsung has made a lot of updates mostly for features and internal hardware instead of  fixing the problems that are related to this device. This may be good for some people ,but others may wait for other exciting products elsewhere.

 iPhone 5s:

 The iPhone 5s takes an obvious interesting at the last year. It has the first 64-bit processor, Touch Id fingerprint, 4-inch screen , increased LTE support and an improved 8-megapixel iSight camera.

The good in Phone 5s:
  The iPhone 5s has improvements to the camera including 120fps slow motion video and it is twice as fast as last year's model. Also Touch ID works well and has iOs 7 for the industry and welcome redesign.

The bad in iPhone 5s:
  The camera, processors and Touch ID has not much changed, unless in new space gray and gold colors. Also the screen still 4-inch size and iOs 7 is incomplete in some ways. 

 The compendium:
  The iPhone 5s is the best iPhone ever. It is going to be in most countries in the world and on most carriers. It has unmatched app and media support It is the ultra technology in your hand. 

Which is best for you?
 If you prefer a bigger screen and the ability to customize than running iOs or you don't like Apple, you should have Galaxy S4.
 If you prefer accessing to iOs App Store and iTunes than android's flexibility and power or you don't like Samsung, you should have the iPhone 5s.