Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New iOS In The Car Hidden Features Released (Video)

New iOS In The Car Hidden Features Released (Video) - There were some rumors about some upcoming iOS in The Car feature screenshots  that have been revealed by Steven  Troughton-Smith. It is expected that final version may include the new automobilr-friendly application. After working on iOS 7.0.3, the developer has discovered that some features of iOS in the car are alredy present in this release. The developer has also posted a video on YouTube shows a glance dash-tailored system in operation. after the jump we will know about these features that already present in iOS 7.0.3 and watch the video that shows the features of iOS In The Car that may work well.

 As Troughton-Smith said iOS In The Car support different resolutions. Concerning optimization for external displays, it is said  to be touch-based control support. voice input and hardware controls.

Troughton-Smith has discovered also some other great features. As he said there is no support for multitasking and  the connected display will only show the same as what is on the display of the device itself. Also the voice is the only input method and ther is no keyboard interface to speak of. The same goes also for the UI.
On the following video you will see that  800 x 400 display will be the default In The Car display. when you are able to use Siri, you can also get the benefit of a mobile keyboard on your phone.

New iOS In The Car Hidden Features Released (Video) :

Now, It is expected that we will see more in the next two weeks.