Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paper Is A New Amazing App Released By Facebook

Paper Is A New Amazing  App Released By Facebook - well, today Facebook has announced anew app called paper for iOS. As it was said, this app will be available on February 3rd. It looks very amazing as it presents the kinds of stories that you see in Facebook in manner that seems tailor-made for a hand-sized screen. Want to know more about this amazing app and watch the video that clarifies it to us? OK, but let us pass the jump.

The new app allows you to  create your own ‘paper’ that can include posts of your friends and news. It is a also gesture-driven application.

With the new app, you can scroll through stories horizontally with your thumb. You can also twist photos to see them better and you will not need all the buttons and application chrome of the main Facebook app.
 Paper is all about words and photos and the stories appear full screen and distraction free.

The navigation through new app looks smart. If you are interested in news, You can flip up from the bottom ‘unfolds’ the actual website. It also allows you to create section that makes it not unlike a traditional newspaper. You can also personalize news experience for you easily.

Finally, paper looks very interesting. It makes you think that Facebook as a place for stories about your life but unfortunately you will have to wait to February 3rd to download it from app store.