Thursday, January 30, 2014

The New Evernote For iPhone And iPad Is Better, Faster, Easier To Use And More

The New Evernote For iPhone And iPad is Better, Faster, Easier To Use And MoreEvernote for iPhone and iPad today is more faster easier and Investigator with the wishes of users ever since iOs 7 redesign launched. You will easily notice the New Note buttons that now sit at the top of the screen that makes it clear and easy to tap. Now let's know more details about colors, sections and more and watch a video that explains more things but after this jump.

Concerning colors, there three color themes : light, dark and classic green. You can also arrange,show and hide  sections that you can choose. 

You can jump quickly to the things that you are working on because of recently viewed items your Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts, and Tags sections that You can choose to display. You can also have the sync status displayed below the Settings gear.

Now, tilting and retitling notes is more faster and the note editor has been tweaked to make used features easy to find. Also app will fix the play audio files that corrupted by a bug. 

The quality of business card scanning in Evernote was improved and scanned cards allowed to be added directly  to phone contacts.

it is said that  "This update is part of ongoing effort to make  apps simpler, better and more reliable.