Thursday, February 13, 2014

Apple New Strategy Of Production

The supply of minerals such as tantalum (metal hard and very resistant to corrosion, especially to acids and a good conductor of heat and electricity), gold and tungsten has become a source of conflict in the industries of technology because of the harvesting conditions in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Apple in its report on the liability of suppliers in 2014 says, it will continue to support the relationships with the suppliers free of ethical issues and economic development of the regions of extraction.

In the cited report on, Apple confirmed their determination to maintain working relationships with suppliers that use only ethical methods of supply of tantalum, primary mineral used not only in the production of electronic components, but also in the construction of dentures intracorporeal given its immunity to chemicals and high temperatures. 
In his speech at The Wall Street Journal, the Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams proudly states that, according to the latest report, its main suppliers rely on tantalum smelters whose work ethic has been established and validated by third parties . 
Apple Being one of the largest users of durable metal, the company feels compelled to devote special attention to this topic. Already in the report of 2012, in fact, Apple claimed to have ended the relationship with one of its suppliers in China occurred because the presence of at least 74 workers are not of working age.