Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Apple's Next Product Will Run With A New Operating System

Summarize to what happened in 2013, the year in which Apple has not launched any new product range on the market, in a recent interview Tim, Cook announced that during the course of 2014 we will see the birth of new product categories. This claim is validated today by the new position offered by the U.S.

This week, Apple has opened nominations for a new profession. The role is sought NPI Engineer ( New Product Introduction Engineer) whose task is to plan , direct and coordinate the development process of new products or programs providing assistance both in the technical field and in the field of design.
The description given in the announcement of work, suggests a new way to experience Apple products , regardless of whether they are based on existing operating systems like iOS , or on platforms completely new and unprecedented .
The chance to see a new platform could represent a turning point if you think that although the main products from Apple (iPhone , iPad and Mac) have been developed with different systems, these are driven by an operating system that allows you to find many familiar inside the other and vice versa.
The most obvious hypothesis for the introduction of a new operating system falls on iWatch foretold , the product of which is long felt rumor and the output of which appears to be programmed in this 2014, but also on a new Apple TV .
We just have to wish a big " good luck " to the human resources of the people to choose carefully the Apple genius who , with anxiously awaiting fans, lead to the emergence of this new jewel of technology.