Friday, February 14, 2014

How To Combat Spam Using A Way That Apple Suggests

How To Combat Spam Using A Way That Apple Suggests - It is pleasing that Apple wants to help you to avoid the forces of spam by improving the use of disposable e-mail addresses. The patent that was published Thursday by the US patent and Trademark Office suggests  a more improved and integrated process that manages to create temporary e-mail addresses that you can throw away. This patent is called "Disposable Email Address Generation and Mapping to a Regular Email Account". Want to know more about it and the integrated process ? OK, let's pass the jump.

As Apple has described, the process currently presents some pitfalls. As some sites will not accept disposable addresses, you have to turn to a different provider than your current e-mail host to get such an address.  These types of addresses are recognized as disposable.
The replies are to e-mails that sent to your disposable e_mail and forwarded to your permanent address are usually sent using the disposable one.

 A disposable address created by an e-mail server that apple concepts, manages all messages and their destinations on the backend. You can easily throw you disposable address for anew one that is connected to your permanent address, once it gives you your purpose.
 There are also certain information designed to keep tabs on its use that might be contained by your disposable address. You can use the information to get which recipient may leaked address to a spammer.

Now, the invention would be able to Juggle the process according the source that a reply to a sender's e-mail came from as it may come from your disposable or permanent address. 
Finally, it is said that the disposable addresses could be a good solution to avoid the spam war.