Saturday, February 8, 2014

How To Display Folders In Full Screen At Your iPhone, iPod And iPad [ Video ]

After releasing iOS 7 firmware for iDevices, it became possible to change folders and sort apps, but there is an easy way to improve it even more. With FolderBoard, you will be able to make folder displayed in full-screen and not just a part and easily make your favorite arrange for apps with many styles. Let's check FolderBoard video and get it's download link after the jump.

The full-screen mode features a cleaner interface, it is very neat in terms of look and feel and has a much more fluid. The other novelty introduced by this tweak concerns the way in which close a folder: not serve more click outside of it but "pinch" with three fingers, a gesture much more natural. 
Finally, the installation will not bring any addition of new sections within the settings. FolderBoard tweak will be applied automatically to folders in your Home. 

FolderBoard Tweak For iOS Devices [ Video ] :

Download FolderBoard Tweak From ------- > Cydia -------- > ModMyi