Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Would Be Flappy Bird In Real Life ? [Video]

Flappy Bird in a very short time has achieved an inexplicable success, becoming known all over the world although it has been removed from the App Store soon after. Now, however, there are those who invented something brilliant: with a few tools we have created a version of the game in the home version with a little 'paper and an Arduino. Let's see home Flappy Bird in the box at the following video after the jump.

We can not explain how Flappy Bird has managed to become so famous in a short time even though it is a very trivial game. Following its removal from the App Store's success has done nothing but increase further, by creating versions in HTML and copies exist on the Store itself. 

But there is also one who has striven and created something far less trivial: a real version and homemade Flappy Bird. The funny version of the game was created by Fawn Qiu using a box for shoes, some spring and an Arduino. The result is nothing short of amazing.

Enjoy Watching The Video :

As you can see, the Flappy Bird created in-house looks much better than the original released on the App Store. Of course, the scenario might be a bit 'samey', but then it is still a sheet of laminated paper. And then do not come to tell us that the original did you manage to go much farther.
Fawn Qiu is the founder of MakeAnything, an organization which has as its purpose to promote the creation of creative engineering projects carried out in house by the means you have.