Friday, February 14, 2014

iPhone 6 New Concept And iPhone Air

We speak a lot about the next iPhone. According to several sources, there will be marketed in two new versions that differ primarily by the size of the display and little else. Based on the latest rumors and leaked images released a few days ago, here is a new concept for the next iPhone 6. Let's check iPhone 6 new concept after the following leap.

Few days ago, we have showed you the rear bodywork of the next iPhone. The designer Evangelist Simon has created a concept of what could be the next Apple iPhone.
According to him it will be called iPhone via Air to further decrease the thickness and will be sold in three different versions: a 3.5-inch , one 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch from the last . Apart from the 3.5-inch version that I personally believe that Apple will never produce, regarding the other two versions of many sources state that there will be a new iPhone with just a display of this size.
As for the features , Simone was very generous loading the devices with features that probably all of us dream of : titanium instead of aluminum for the entire rear shell , iOS, 8 , thickness of 6.5 mm , and Touch screen IGZO ID in common all three devices . The iPhone Mini Air will then have a 3.5-inch display , A7 processor , 2 GB of RAM and 2000 mAh battery , followed by the iPhone Air with 4.7-inch display , A8 processor , 3 GB of RAM and 2500 mAh battery , to finish the formidable iPhone Air Pro display with 5.5-inch A8 processor , 4GB of RAM and a battery ( open your eyes ) 3,000 mAh battery.

Let's see the new concept of iPhone [ Video ] :