Saturday, February 15, 2014

iWatch May Measure Heart Rate And Oxygen Level Using Optical Sensors

iWatch May Measure Heart Rate And Oxygen Level Using Optical Sensors- It has been rumored before that Apple's iWatch will include measuring oxygen levels, heart rate features using optical sensors that are used in health related and medical products.As Mac Rumors said, Sun Chang Xu who is electronics analyst of a Chinese site has indicated that when Apple planned on glucose monitoring, non-invasive methods have proven that it is highly inaccurate, thus may not be included in the final project. But what is more about  measuring oxygen levels, pulse oximetry devices and monitoring heart rates and how do they work?...let's know about this after the jump.

 Monitoring heart rate has required chest strap in the past. But Monitoring heart rate via optical sensor is a newer technology that was inserted in several fitness products including Mio Alpha heart rate watch. With an optical sensor, a light shone on the skin is used to measure blood flow through capillaries and determines heart rate.

Pulse oximetry devices are also designed to ft the finger and to measure oxygen levels in blood through using optical sensors that are light based. They send two wave lengths of light through skin. The device detects oxygen saturation in the blood through differences in the way the light is absorbed.

As the majority of pulse oximeters clip to an ear lope or a finger trip, it may be difficult for a wrist-based to be suggested as it said but is not impossible.