Thursday, February 6, 2014

Link Your iPhone With Pebble Smart Watch And Receive Emails, Messages, Incoming Calls And More

Pebble SmartWatch is the name of the official implementation of Pebble. This is a smart watch made from stainless steel, corning gorilla glass, tactile metal buttons, magnetic connector for charger. This smart watch can link with our device like iPhone to show us notifications, emails, messages, incoming calls and even install applications with varied options. This watch is available in brushed stainless and black matte. Let's see smart watch specs, features and know from where we can get the watch but after the jump.

You can get smart watch app for your iPhone from app store for free which will allow you to make a link between iPhone and smart watch. The completely redesigned new version 2.0 of application at app store is making it more amazing and wonderful.

The integration of watch app has added options to customize the priority of notifications you want to see and an improved system for managing watch faces "clock design" and installed watchapp. You can access the settings of watchapp through the app on your iOS device.

Pebble Smart Watch Specs And Features :


Get texts and important notifications directly on your wrist.


At the pool, on the beach, or in the shower. Your Pebble is good down to 5ATM


Sports, music, games, commuting — there's a rich community of apps for everything.


Pebble runs for 5–7 days before needing a charge.


Use it in the dark. Pebble lights up with a quick flick of the wrist.


100s of watchfaces to suit your mood and personality.


An e-paper display means you can read your Pebble even in direct sunlight.


Bling out your Pebble with customizeable watch straps and accessories.


Pebble can wake you up or give you a subtle notification that only you'll notice.
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