Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why iPhone 6 Won't Need An Enclosure

Previously, we have recounted many news about iPhone 6 and it's screen made of sapphire. The arrival of a sapphire display is doing really discuss about the assumptions for implementation of this material ranging from an efficient anti-scratch technology and solar charging across the screen. According to the source, the reason is another. Let's get the answer after the following leap.

The need to cover it with a carry case is perhaps the biggest flaw of the iPhone : Apple is obsessed with elegant design, the thinness, lightness and why not the logo always in view.
The biggest nightmare for someone like Jony Ive is to see millions of user cover all his work of elegance and minimalism , with enclosures horrendous . The iPhone 5 and 5S scratch easily , it is useless to deny it. Also, if we do not put a case to our device , the first drop the risk of having shattered the glass front is very high.
Jony Ive must've asked : how to maintain the sleek design without forcing people to buy a case ? The answer lies in the sapphire glass .
The use of a sapphire display is still too expensive, much more than it costs the current Gorilla Glass . Apple has however a patent named " Sapphire Laminates " , in which is described a particular technology capable of introducing a very thin layer of sapphire ( less than 1 mm ) in the glass , giving the display the scratch resistance of sapphire but remaining in the costs of the glass. Apple has also acquired GT Advanced Technologies , a company that has developed a technology capable of producing slabs of sapphire thinner than a human hair.
Coming back to the patents, Apple has also another related to a method for bonding the sapphire steel : this is the technology that Apple will probably use to eliminate the need to buy a case for the iPhone , according to the source , Apple may thinking of introducing the sapphire on both the front and back of the iPhone 6 .
Have you got an iPhone 4 or 4S ? These two models had the glass on the back of the device. Falling you were likely to see even shattered the rear glass, but the reality is that an iPhone 4 used for three years is much more than a new iPhone 5S few months, both when used without a case, precisely because of the greater scratch resistance of glass than aluminum.
With technology developed by Apple , the company will create a glass - resistant sapphire crystal for both the front and the rear of the future iPhone, creating a sleek , scratch-resistant , thin, light, and at a reasonable price.