Friday, March 7, 2014

Apple And iOS Continue To Gain Market Share In Small Doses

According to research from comScore, the California-based company and its mobile operating system, iOS, are gaining market share in small doses. Let's read more about the topic after the jump.

Apple maintains the scepter of the number one smartphone manufacturer in the United States . According to the latest survey by comScore , though Apple is the number one manufacturer of smartphones, the most common system is Google's Android.

Apple, with a market share of 41.6% , beat its most direct rival Samsung, which is limited to only 26.7% .

Looking in general, the steps taken by the various manufacturers , we can say that Apple , Samsung and LG have got some small gains while Motorola and HTC have fallen losing market share . In addition, although the market share of Apple continues to grow , the rate of adoption of its devices is slowing down.

In terms of manufacturers , Apple , as we have already said, is the number one , but talking about operating systems , iOS is in second place with 41.6 % of the devices sold in the market , as opposed to Android that is the first with 51.7% of the devices. iOS , however, was the only platform to gain ground in more recent times , rising from 40.6% in October 2013 to 41.6% in January 2014. Android and Blackberry have rather lost ground with a fall of 0.5%.