Friday, March 28, 2014

How To Speed Up Animations In iOS 7 [ Video ]

How To Speed Up Animations In iOS 7 [ Video ] - What makes the difference between a device and other is the style with which the transaction is completed. Stylistic devices are often heavy to be supported. With Speed ​​Intensifier can further increase animations in iOS 7.

With this tweak it is possible to greatly enhance the speed of the animation providing the style and functionality of iOS 7. So if you are looking for a way to improve your user experience in terms of speed, you may have found the solution to your problems.

Once you have installed the tweak, turning to his panel for setting preferences, you can decide how much to speed up animations on a scale that goes from zero to infinity (representing the maximum attainable speed).

The speed of the animations changes in real time and then we do not need to restart the device. Having tried various possibilities, the 5 speed is the ideal middle ground, while the infinity setting may be too fast for some users. 
Through further preferences will be able to report the speed of the animations to the default level despite the tweak is working to ensure a quick choice. 

Download Speed ​​Intensifier Tweak For Free From the ModMyi repo in Cydia.