Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Size, Front And Back Cover

Few hours ago, some pictures have been published over the web that could be of rendering officers on the new Apple iPhone 6 delivered to manufacturers of enclosures so as to start pre-production for the foreseeable future. We will show you iPhone 6 front and back cover at the following image.  Let's see the leaked image for the iPhone 6 after the break.

These renderings which help manufacturers of enclosures to prepare in advance the protective cover for the next iPhone 6 are very interesting and allow you to take a look at what will be the new design that Apple will offer on its Melafonino. The interesting fact is that these images provide precise measurements of the device. It is recommended that next iPhone will be 138 mm high, 67 mm wide and 6 mm thick only (for comparison we recall that the current iPhone measuring 123.8 mm by 58.6 mm , with a thickness of 7.6 mm). The phone then, according to the images, it would be taller and wider than the current model, in line with the rumors that speak of a 4.7-inch screen.

Although it is not entirely clear, the rendering seems to suggest that the "Home" button may be slightly smaller. In addition, unlike the current iPhone, the side edges are more rounded and resemble more and more. Finally, the images show once again that the power button has been moved to the side. The main mystery of these images is that the dual-LED flash is not present, as it seems strange that Apple will go back to the single flash after a single generation of the iPhone that are equipped with the dual-LED flash iPhone 5S.