Sunday, April 6, 2014

Puro The Best Armbrand For Your iPhone, iPod And Samsung SmartPhone

More and more often we speak about wearable devices and applications useful to keep track of our sport. Beyond bracelets and various smartwatch, you can not use them outdoor, so it becomes essential to have a case that can also accompany us during our fitness sessions. The Puro Armbrand will enable you from that practice. Puro Armbrand is available for iPhone, iPod and Samsung smartphone. Let's get more info about Puro Armbrand after the following jump.

The package is very simple and shows all the characteristics of this housing boom. The armband is made of pure stretch neoprene and durable, able to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. 

The design is meant to ensure full access to the controls, so the user can freely use all the hardware buttons. Obviously, the accessory is also designed to give access to headphone jack and allow you to listen to music while exercising in the gym or outdoors.

The case is characterized by a reflective material that provides greater visibility in places with low light, while the adjustable headband ensures a perfect fit without neglecting comfort. The front transparent leaves the iPhone screen completely visible and allows access to the click wheel and display: the special material, in fact, allows the use of touchscreen without any kind of problem.

The design is very nice and "sports," the accessory is machine washable and also has a small pocket for small enter key. Among other things, there is also enough space to insert an iPhone with its slim housing.

Among the proposals similar to Puro is definitely one of the best for quality of materials, protection from the rain and design. A recommended choice for those who do a lot of sport and can not give up their iPhone.

Buy Puro Armband Now For iPhone, iPod And Samsung Smartphone.