Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4 USB Ports For Charging iPhone, iPod And iPad In One Charger

At the price of a simple USB charger, you can have an accessory that delivers up to 30W and enables you to charge 4 devices at full speed, even if those require more power as in the case of the iPad or some Android tablet. Let's show you all information about this 4 port USB charger after the following leap.

If you were thinking of buying a new charger for iPhone or iPad, you can buy the wall charger Amzdeal. This charger supports 4 USB ports for charging iPhone, iPad, smartphones, tablets, extra batteries , Bluetooth headsets and speakers, iPod and any other accessory can be recharged simply by using a USB cable.

The convenience of having a single product to recharge everything is obvious, especially if we intend to use it as a travel charger. The maximum power of 30W or 5V - 6A shall be apportioned on the 4 doors in this way :

2 USB ports 1A (such as the iPhone charger)
2 USB ports 2A (such as the iPad charger)
This power not only gives us the possibility to charge 4 devices, but also to do so at full speed, as in the case we decide to put simultaneously charging: iPad + iPhone + battery + external headset.

Buy Amzdeal Charger From Amazon For EUR 16,99.