Wednesday, August 20, 2014

iPhone 6 First Reveal Fully Assembled

Most of the pictures that we have recently seen shows the components of the iPhone 6 to get a general idea of what will be the look of the device. We have presented more than one mock up or render born by the various rumor launched by the web for the iPhone 6. At the following pictures, we can see the rear shroud and the front panel of the device in an assembly that will provide clarity on how it can be the aesthetics of the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Let's see iPhone 6 images after the following jump.

If the date of September 9 had to be respected, there is less than a month to the presentation of the next Apple device. The photos that we propose below will however be palliative to the fans of the Cupertino company to withstand the days of waiting for showing all the components assembled which gives you an idea of ​​what is the aesthetics of the smartphone. These were posted on Instagram profile of feld & volk.

The photo side, suggests a thickness that according to the source, is about 7mm; the device would then be thinner than iPhone 5S whose thickness is of 7,6mm. The keys volume of more elongated shape and the shape of the redesigned speaker approaching the design of the device to the iPod touch and iPad. The mute button does not seem to be positioned in a perfect way and is therefore think that the assembly has not been official from the assembly line.

It seems that the iPod touch will be a little 'the matrix of the next device in Cupertino that will tend to homologate its standard.