Friday, August 8, 2014

Latest Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Components And Logo

Latest Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Components And Logo - As usual, thousands of rumors are spreading before releasing any new device or firmware. We often derive information and news from reliable sources as we can. iPhone 6 rumors and news come to the fore in terms of importance. We have released some posts for iPhone 6 parts, features and components. A new, high-quality leak gets really up close and personal with this particular components of the iPhone 6 with screenshots. Let's check iPhone 6 images after the following jump. 

iPhone 6 housing will be similar to that of the iPad Air / iPod touch, we haven’t had such a magnified view of it as the one portrayed by Feld & Volk. Notably, and as you will notice in a moment, the area where the volume buttons will reside is ever-so slightly indented, making it just that little bit easier to press them down. Let's see Feld & Volk images for iPhone 6 components.

iPhone 6 Latest Screenshots :

It is predicted that iPhone 6 will be announced at a special event to be held on September 9th. It is also recommended that the 4.7-inch model will pack a2,100mAh battery, NFC, improved Wi-Fi and Category 6 NFC, as well as a dual-core A8 processor clocking at over 2 GHz per core. Stay tuned for more coverage.