Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apple Hides The Camera Protruding In Many Official Photos Of The iPhone 6:06 Plus

The two versions of the iPhone 6 presented last week has certainly been a huge success, and this is confirmed by the data on pre-orders. The new design is certainly one of the main features of the new generation of the iPhone, but there is a particular aesthetic that may not convince even Apple itself, the camera protruding.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a thickness of respectively 6.7 mm and 7.8 mm, and this has been pointed out by the same company in California that defined these as "airfoils", but there is a particular design that is not seems to be so streamlined: the camera protruding. Visiting the Apple website you will notice that the projection of the camera is not found in all the photos, especially in those profiles.

It could be a problem for light, position, but in the end it seems that the projection of the camera has been completely "erased" in most of the photos in which the new smartphones are depicted in profile. Even the official images of the iPhone 6 in the press seem to have been altered. What Apple is not entirely convinced of the design of its new device?

Here are some photos;