Monday, September 8, 2014

Get Ready To Install iOS 8 - Don't Miss The Event

The advent of the official version of iOS 8 is an event eagerly awaited by both users who have not passed iOS 7 and by those who exasperated by the constant crash and who can not wait to get rid of the beta of iOS 8. The change of operating system is a delicate moment for the operation of a device so, we recommend to prepare our devices now for the next update by backup important data on the device. Let's see how to prepare our device for the upcoming iOS 8 but after the jump.

First you need to check the compatibility of your device with the operating system. 
Not all devices will be able to enjoy Apple's iOS 8. 

Are you a frequent user of Cydia ? Remember that upgrading to iOS 8 means there is no more jailbreak and you won't be able to access the library of Cydia.
Usually updates of iOS are quite stable and there is no risk of data loss. If you really don't want to lose photos, contacts and important notes, make a backup before updating your operating system. This can be done by creating a file in iTunes on your computer using the appropriate command now backup to iCloud or using the relevant function.

You can update your operating system iOS via the traditional OTA (Over The Air) from the general settings and software update section where you will be given the opportunity to update the operating system once it is released. 

Also make sure you have adequate space for installation of the operating system by visiting the section for the optimization of memory to Settings> General> Usage> Manage space. 
There will be nothing but wait for the download of iOS 8 and proceed to installation.

Stay tuned with us and we will cover with the event second by second.