Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IOS 8 Comes Tomorrow : Here are The Five Biggest News

Tomorrow, September 17, will hit the final release of iOS 8, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: after the presentation at the WWDC in June and the many beta versions for developers, now is the time to experience all the new features introduced thanks to the last update. Here is a brief summary to refresh your memory, where they will be listed and described the five major elements of iOS 8.


This feature has been requested in a loud voice from the earliest versions of iOS and, apparently, Apple has finally decided that now is the right time to introduce this news. With widgets, applications will earn a pane within the Notifications Center, which will be shown information and important updates: for example, Facebook will be able to offer you the latest updates, as your application will list the latest news from major news. Will then be up to you to decide which activate widgets, greatly improving the user experience.


8 In iOS, Apple has added many kinds of extensions to improve the way in which the user interacts with many applications in iPhone. Here are some examples:
  • Share: thanks to this extension we can more easily share information online. This feature was already available for services specifically chosen by Apple, such as Facebook and Twitter, but in iOS 8 this will be extended to any online service, such as Tumblr or Pinterest
  • Photo editing: 8 in your iOS apps to edit photos with filters and effects will share their functionality with the Images application, thus allowing a quick editing, remaining within the same application.
  • Storage provider: now you can choose even more cloud services for downloading or uploading documents, such as Dropbox, iCloud and OneDrive.
  • Keyboards: developers can create new alternative keyboards, such as the famous SwiftKey, to be installed on iOS.
  • Share: this extension allows interesting applications to "talk" to each other and to transfer some functionality features: for example, Safari will be able to translate a web page thanks to '"help" the application Google Translate.

notifications interactive:

Even notifications are evolving in this latest release of iOS, becoming interactive. For example, when you will be notified of a message or an email, just interact with the "drop down" to be able to respond immediately, without leaving the application that you will be using. This feature is available for both classical App of the system, such as Notepad, Calendar, Mail and Messages, both for developers.

keyboard QuickType:

The new system keyboard is even smarter, proposing a novel predictive system of writing. In addition, iOS understand the words and expressions used most, fits the context and taking into account  the recipient Capabilities and different responses depending on the application.


Users of Mac, iPad and iPhone are looking forward to this new feature, which allows different devices to communicate with each other. So get ready to answer voice calls and send SMS directly from your Mac, or to start writing a new email on your tablet, then go out and shoot comfortably from your iPhone.
Continuity will be introduced thanks to the new release of OS X, called Yosemite, arriving in the coming weeks.