Tuesday, September 9, 2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Too Large To Be Used With One Hand? Here Is The Solution Designed By Apple

We often wondered how he could be an iPhone 6 largest convenience in everyday use when one of the best chances of the iPhone is the fact that it can be used with one hand, unlike the competition that you are pushing to produce more and terminals larger.

It 'clear that the iPhone 6 and above with the iPhone 6 Plus, not be able to access the upper part of the applications with a single hand, but apparently Apple did not want to take this issue up during the event despite having thought a solution.

iOS 8 on these two new devices will allow users, through an interaction with the Home button, to slide the entire screen of any application down. In this way, the buttons, banners, and application interfaces will drop to a height reachable by our finger, to facilitate our Tap.

For example while surfing on Safari enjoying a website at very high resolution on the beautiful Retina HD display, we can tap the Home button to get to press, with one hand, the banner that is created when we have a call in progress in the background. In this way we will change with a touch application without going to dramatically worsen the user experience.