Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple Allow Us To Control Our Car Through The iPhone

Now with our iPhone, we can do it all: after the latest news related to the control of the house with Home Kit and monitoring of our health Health in the new application, Apple is planning a new way for us to control our car.

Thanks to a new patent filed in recent days, have leaked some interesting information about a novo design of Apple, still experimental. In these documents, the Californian company illustrates how the use of the iPhone's GPS can be implemented to check out some interesting features inside the car.

For example, after parking, the car would be able to tell when the user is moving away to lock the doors automatically. In addition, when the owner returns to his car, the heating system or air conditioning will start automatically, so as to regulate the temperature in a timely manner and, once in the car, the doors will unlock on their own, without the need of keys.

Apple has thought of many possible implementations, all very comfortable and interesting, but still have to wait several years before experiencing first-hand the examples in the patent.