Friday, November 7, 2014

Apple Urges Users To Update To iOS 8

Apple is encouraging all users who have not yet done so to update iOS with the latest operating system available to Apple: iOS 8. The launch took place in September and after almost two months that Apple wants to adoptions of IOS 8 grow quickly over time. Apple would have opted for an email campaign to all users who have not installed iOS 8 warning them that is waiting. The email provides a range of information, making users aware of what they are downloading.

They highlighted the benefits of Quicktype: the new keyboard of iOS 8, the app Health with his duties for health, the benefits of the Family Sharing feature, iCloud Drive and functions Continuity of integration between Mac and iOS.

It also provides specific installation instructions. This will give users the right knowledge to do the upgrade without the need to connect wireless devices to your computer. Alternatively, it is also explained how to download via iTunes which can be useful if the memory is particularly full in the device.

The installation via iTunes would be a little trick that Apple has found to encourage users to download iOS 8 even though you have little space in the device. Adoptions have had a level of adoption slower than the adoption of iOS 7 last year. The numbers of adoptions of IOS 8 have stopped after about 3 weeks since launch. The adoption of iOS 8 are taken when iOS 8.1 came out because, in addition to being more stable, also brings good news such as Apple Pay.