Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Apple Working On A Special 3D Displays For Future iPhone

The future of the iPhone is still uncertain, but thanks to some rumors, we can already begin to imagine the new technologies that will be introduced. Thanks to a Chinese source, it would seem that Apple is working on a special 3D technology for the new display of the next iPhone.

This experimental 3D technology will not need uncomfortable glasses and the stereoscopic effect, therefore, would be visible to the naked eye: Apple has already held that the displays in-cell current is not compatible with the new three-dimensional and have already found a partner in charge of production in the future these new screens

Apple is working on this technology by several time, depositing patents that show various possibilities of use, such as for capturing 3D images or new gesture dedicated to the new interface in three dimensions.

Amazon has already introduced a number of 3D features in the new Fire Phone, but the smartphone was a real hole in the water and the technology has not convinced the public and critics.