Thursday, November 6, 2014

Better Sleep: The App To Monitor And Improve Your Sleep According Runtastic. [Video]

Runtastic today announced the launch of an app to monitor and improve your sleep simply by using your iPhone. The app promises to really change the way you stand by collecting all your data and understanding when and how to sleep better.

Runtastic is always ready to help customers improve the way people live healthy by monitoring easily fitness activities and, for a few months now, even through the device Orbit. The company has now decided to create an app dedicated to the understanding and improvement of sleep: Sleep Better. This app is the result of targeted studies and in-depth by Runtastic that busy physicians, specialists and hours and hours of testing.

Sleep Better promises to monitor your rest simply through your iPhone: the only requirement to use the app is to have an iPhone 5 or greater. Start the app, you will not have to do is sign up and start ... sleep! At first use, you simply need to set the alarm, indicating the time period within which you wish to be woken up, give some information about the day's events, place your iPhone near the pillow (we recommend you enable Airplane mode) and rest. When you wake up, you will respect your sleep stages and never in any case beyond the time indicated by you, you will begin to collect the initial data: just as happens with some fitness tracker, Sleep Better will show you your periods of rest, but in most will ask you to enter some information about such dreams that you remember to have done during the night. This will help Runtastic to suggest how to rest better and what habits change during the day.

The application promises, Runtastic, greater precision regarding the collection of data of your sleep than other services already do today.

Sleep Better is available for free on the AppStore and requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.