Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bluetooth 4.2: Improved Privacy And More Efficient Consumption

Were announced some of the innovations that will characterize the new Bluetooth 4.2 standard, including a more efficient consumption of the battery and improved privacy.

The Bluetooth Special Interests Group shared what will be the new Bluetooth 4.2. According to details of the published literature, consumers can count on various improvements in terms of privacy, storage battery and speed.

The devices that will support this new standard Bluetooth technology can connect directly to the Internet via IPv6 / 6LoWPAN, thus avoiding the use of hub or access point to access multiple devices. The data can also be transferred with a speed up to 2.5x higher than the version passed, but not only. Again according to the BSIG, consumers will see a net improvement to battery power, even if there are few details were released about.

however, likely that we will have to wait until 2015 before the producers are beginning to adopt this new technology. Devices that instead support Bluetooth 4.1 will be upgraded to 4.2 via firmware update, but in this case the timing will depend mainly by the producers.