Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Safari Is Slow? Here's How To Speed It On iPhone And iPad With iOS 8

One of the practices that occupies most of the time we spend using our smartphones, as well when Sending messages, web browsing. If you use Safari on iOS, the malfunction of the browser can put a strain on our nerves with problems such as the freezing of the page. If you, like many users in various forum state, you have experienced the same kind of problem, here are some small tips that may improve your user experience.

By following some simple steps of the guide that we propose below may be able to solve the problems of slowing or freezing of Safari in navigation, why not give it a try?

  1. Launch the app Settings.
  2. Select Safari and then select clear history and Web site Data .
  3. Confirm clear data and history on the pop-up menu that appears

For many users, this simple measure already turns into browsing experience better. If this is not enough, you could try to disable JavaScript, here is how:

  • Launch the Settings app.

    1. Select Advanced.
    2. Disable the option JavaScript.