Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apple Pay:The Most Users Who Have Used The Service Complain Of Problems

This achievement is the result of research conducted by Phoenix Marketing International, which interviewed 3,000 users with the latest model of iPhone.

The survey revealed that 48% of users complain too long for the completion of a transition, while 42% said that the shopkeepers were not ready or prepared to handle this payment system. 10% complained of errors in the transitions or double charging.

According to Greg Weed, director of Phoenix, Apple has created a system widely publicized by creating a certain expectation in users but can not be met, either because of the terminals obsolete both for the preparation of media shopkeepers.

In fact, in order to accept payments via Pay Apple, the shops have to take cash registers enabled with EMV. At the end of 2014 only one-third of the stores were ready.

Probably in Europe and in Italy the situation will be even worse, and perhaps for this reason Apple Pay has not yet landed overseas.