Sunday, March 29, 2015

DuckTales: Remastered Ready To Get On The iPhone!

It was the reward for the wait of 2014, a gift that Capcom and Disney have done to all the nostalgia that in 1990, with a European release in December 7, more than 24 years ago: we speak of course of Duck Tales: Remastered, the high definition version of the side-scrolling platformer published for the first time on the NES. After the release of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam, DuckTales finally arrives on iPhone, with Capcom and Disney have released the first teaser, a photo.

A photo very artistic, showing the hands of a woman with iPhone in hand: the screen is unequivocal, showing the protagonist of DuckTales team ready for a new adventure. Scrooge 'Scrooge to captain the gathering, followed by Huey, Dewey, Here and small Gaia, character exclusively created for the saga of the' 90s, as well as the same Jet McQuack and Tata. The photo was taken near the ducks, two to be precise, ready to jump in the water and start a new adventure. Just like Scrooge and grandchildren.

DuckTales: Remastered after a big success on home consoles failed to find outlets on portable consoles, even avoiding, for example, the Nintendo 3DS, which undoubtedly would give more air to the success of Capcom and Disney. But now, coming on the iPhone will have an important boost from its portability, immediacy that the smartphone Apple gives to all its products, without destroying what remains a masterpiece of narrative. In a few weeks, then, by the announcement that DuckTales will return with an entirely new set and new episodes of the epic of the ducks, which will come to know about the iPhone version Remastered is the fulfillment of a success.

We look forward to new details and a release date, of course.