Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Use Apple Watch

Tomorrow, Apple will provide full details about Apple Watch,  which does not know all the functions yet. For example, we know that it has two hardware buttons (a crown and a digital button immediately below), but it will allow us to do? Let's find out together.

1. Scroll to zoom

Turning the digital crown you can scroll through lists or enlarge the screen, maps, photos and more. This choice avoids make you cover the screen with your fingers while performing these tasks.

2. Home

A single click on the digital crown  always gives access to the Home screen. Just as with the Home button on the iPhone and iPad. No matter what you are doing, this key will always return home.

3. Siri

Click and hold on the digital crown  will activate Siri, the virtual assistant Apple. To activate Siri can also raise the wrist and say, "Hey, Siri!".

4. Time switch

With a double click on the digital crown , you will pass by the screen time to the last app you used . It is a mode that allows you to see the time and to return to using the previous app quickly.

5. unimpeded access

5. By clicking on the crown three times you will have access to digital accessibility options. At the time this feature has not yet been made official, but this should be handled just like on the iPhone and iPad.

6. Friends

A single click on the digital crown allows us to open the "Friends", which shows all the icons of the people we care about. Touching the icon of the contact we can send a message, start a call, send a drawing or share your heartbeat.

7. Power off
While holding the button down for a few seconds, the screen will turn off the device, just like on the iPhone and iPad.

8. Apple Pay

With a double click on this button will activate Apple Pay, the mobile payment service created by Apple. Apple Pay only works if you have paired an iPhone 5 (or later) and only if the smartwatch is attached to the wrist and in contact with your skin.

9. Swipe and touch
With a swipe on the screen you can change the screen, for example, to move between menus. Tapping the icon will enter in the individual sections of the Apple Watch. Despite the presence of the crown digital multitouch works on Apple Watch.