Friday, March 27, 2015

Microsoft Continues Work To Make Android Applications Compatible With Windows

Microsoft does not stop and is still interested in the applications to run on the Android operating system. Probably the Redmond company has realized the importance and the role that they play in the choice of the smartphone app to buy.

The marketplace Microsoft is one that contains the lowest number of applications. Moreover, the quality of the same, except for some small bud, is poor. Many applications try to make a payment something that exists already free, imitating the features and functions of popular applications. All this because the major developers are quite uninterested in platform.

It is not the first time that the site Neowin reports the rumor that Microsoft is testing the ability to run Android apps on their device, but this time, sources inside the company claim that the applications that run on Windows 10 would no longer be limited to a specific set as had been previously reported. Compatibility with Android would allow Microsoft to offer its users many more applications than those currently available in the Windows Store.

Attempts to Microsoft to experience the Android world in the past have been many unsuccessful but, as for the design of smartphones Nokia X, then trashed. Even the procedure BlackBerry, known as "sideloading", did not meet the users, according to sales reports. We also heard of "Dual OS", devices that can run Windows and Android through a virtualization system but this road has been abandoned. We'll see how this situation will evolve and what else will be able to invent for this Microsoft Windows 10.