Monday, March 30, 2015

On iOS 8.3 No Longer Sharing The Native On Twitter

In the third beta of iOS 8.3 in the course of testing by developers, emerges a novelty that could also be included in the final version of the firmware. This is the native sharing on Twitter, which is no longer present in this version of the Apple firmware. Simple problem or chosen by the company?

Since the days of iOS 5.0, Apple has introduced its own mobile operating system the ability to maintain the status of direct natively on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. From then until iOS 8.2 this method of sharing has remained unchanged, but with the upcoming arrival of iOS 8.3 there may be new. In the third beta version lacks in fact the possibility of sharing native on Twitter, opening in fact the classic share button on Safari, but also within the applications, it lacks the button to see the contents Twitter, while there are laurel place all others.

At the moment we do not know if such a possibility has been removed from Apple voluntarily, although at the moment it is difficult to understand why, or whether the exclusion of native Twitter sharing is due to a problem of distributed version, which could then be placed for the release of the next beta or final version of the firmware. The consequences for users even in the worst case where sharing is interrupted native are really void, for they can still share paghine and other content through the official Twitter application installation.