Monday, April 13, 2015

1 million Pre-Orders In The US: Apple Watch Sport Longer Required?

On 10 April, they started pre-orders for the new Apple Watch, with the many options available in Sport, Watch and Edition. Obviously, even for the least cost, the model preferred by users was the Sport. In total, the first estimates of 1 million pre-orders on the weekend in the US alone.

After choosing the model, users have also selected the strap. The preferred was the Black Sports, strap in black which gives a certain elegance even cheaper model. In second place was the White Sport Band, and the third the Blue Sport Band.

Taking into consideration all the straps, and not just those of the Sport, the first place we always Black Sport, followed by Milanese Loop ($ 149) and the Link Bracalet.

According to preliminary information is not official yet, were carried 957,000 pre-orders online in the US alone and without counting the other seven states where the device is already available. The average expenditure per user was $ 503.83. 72% of users who placed the order had at least one Apple product in the last two years, while 21% have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

62% of users have chosen the sport and, of these, 71% opted for the larger dial 42mm