Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1,500 Applications Are Vulnerable To Hackers

While Apple trying to improve the security of iOS through updates, SourceDNA has discovered a serious security flaw that could affect up to 1,500 applications for iPhone and iPad, which could be exploited by hackers to violate the privacy of the devices. We tell you more details.

1,500 applications are vulnerable to hackers

It seems that when speaking about the security of operating systems always talk of Android and it seems that we forget some iOS. It is true that the old versions of the operating system Google are highly vulnerable to attacks by hackers, for quite a serious deficiency in the security of your system, but we can not forget that iOS is also vulnerable and now through some of its applications.

The security flaw has been discovered by SourceDNA, they have discovered a flaw in the encryption of data, which may affect 1,500 applications for iPhone and iPad. These include Citrix OpenVoice, the app, KYBankAgent 3.0 and many others.

The detected vulnerability is in the code AFNetworking, a resource that many developers use for their applications for "network capabilities." Since it has been discovered the problem has been solved in various applications that have already been updated to remove the vulnerability. But there are still 1,500 applications that are vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Last March, another security breach nicknamed "FREAK Attack" affecting both iOS and OSX and Apple confirmed it would fix was discovered. Security is one of the things that most concern own Apple and Tim Cook met with Angela Merkel to discuss security in February this year.

Hackers could intercept all traffic from the iPhone and iPad

The security flaw found allow hackers to intercept all SSL traffic with some of the affected applications and very easily. Due to the lack of validation in the SSL certificate, an attacker could easily evade and violate the privacy of users and even bank details.

The company SourceDNA has been responsible for scanning all the free apps from the App Store and around 5,000 apps payment, totaling one million scanned applications. After these tests is when they found that 1,500 apps are affected by the security breach.

The problem is that the infected user can not do anything to improve safety, since you can just wait for the developer updates the app to solve the security problem. It is best to try to avoid using the apps that have some sort of open connection or non-confidence. Apple released iOS 8.3 with many improvements and corrections to the security of the system, making it the most secure version of SO Apple and even removed the ability to run applications that have access to the directory of iPhone or iPad, as iFunBox, iTools, iExplorer or PhoneView.

We have known this serious security breach by BGR and hopefully soon the developers solve the problem and update their vulnerable applications.