Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Great Apps For iOS, Now For Free!

In today's article I will bring a few apps that developers have decided that they are for a limited time offer for free. As in the case of such applications lives, we do not know the exact duration of the action, so it may be that the application will again be paid per hour, day or week. In the second releases of applications this week we look at the applications whose functions are really diverse. Some of these applications today are really interesting and also offer interesting features.

Expenses OK

Another of the many applications designed for people who love all your finances under control. With this application you will always have an overview of how much money you spend and what exactly.

Original price: $ 0.99

Cool Wallpapers for Retina Display

If you already tired of wallpapers which are incorporated directly into iOS, so this application is definitely for you. It contains a huge variety of wallpaper designed specifically for the Retina display.

Original price: $ 4.99

Instaflash Pro

With this application you will be able to edit the photo according to your wishes by various professional effects and filters.

Original price: $ 4.99

Wordflex Touch Dictionary

This application is designed specifically for the iPad. It is a kind of symbol definitions in a dictionary from Qxford University Press thanks to which you will be able to find different expressions interesting style.

Original price: $ 11.99

Thunderspace 4K

An interesting application designed for lovers of relaxation and people who have difficulty falling asleep. It contains a large variety of high-quality realistic tracks, recorded directly from nature.

Original price: $ 2.99