Thursday, April 9, 2015

7 Things You Can Do With iOS 8.3 That Could Not Do Before

iOS 8.3 solves several problems over the previous version, but there are also innovations which are summarized below. Here are 7 things you can do with iOS 8.3 and that we could not do before.

1. Be more creative with emoji

We have a new set of Emoji. We indulge ourselves by changing the colors of the skin or hair of various emoticons and use new emoji and flags present. Just call up the emoji keyboard and we will find all the latest addition to the redesigned look.

2. Make calls over WiFi network

This feature available only in some countries, however iOS 8.3 enables the ability to switch between calls via the cellular network and WiFi. It works in the UK with EE and in the US with Sprint.

3. Authentication in 2 step for Google accounts

iOS 8.3 adds more security to the Google account that will perform authentication in two steps. Google is increasingly used by all for the management of email, contacts and calendars as well as for various applications iOS. When we are going to add an account under Settings> Mail we will check it in two steps.

4. Use CarPlay without wires

iOS 8.3 enables the ability to use CarPlay in Wireless on cars supported. This means that we will no longer use the cable to communicate lightning devices.

5. Filter Messages

Within iMessagge now we have the ability to filter the messages that we receive. On one side will show all those who come from people known through contacts in the address book, all the other messages from unknown senders or unwanted. We may also report the messages as spam directly to Apple to ban the numbers.

6. Make hands-free calls with Siri

With iOS 8.3 when we use Siri through the command "Hey Siri", without clicking the Home button, we can initiate calls to a few contacts in our address book, starting already in speakerphone.

7. Download free applications from the App Store without being prompted for a password

Previously each download required to enter the password or the use of Touch ID. Now we can set you free downloads prove immediate and without the password prompt as no fee will be charged to the credit card attached. Just go to Settings> iTunes and App Store> Password Settings.