Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Cover Capable Of Regenerating iPhone From Scratches [video]

We've seen all kinds of covers for smartphone , but nothing like this Hydra model created by Innerexile for iPhone 6. The Taiwanese company produces various accessories for electronic devices, but seems to have finally found something unique: a cover that is capable of heal their own scratches.

In a quick look at the Hydra it seems to be very simple, nothing much beyond a thin layer of 7.9 mm. It is available in three colors, translucent black, pink and transparent. She is very firm, but has the flexibility to absorb impacts.

The great advantage of the cover is a product that is able to recover more light scratches, such as those caused by everyday in our pockets. All this at a very affordable price of just $ 25. You can better understand the process in the following video:

You can buy them in large chains of international stores such as on