Thursday, April 9, 2015

Android Wear For iOS Very Closer?

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Google plans to make Android Wear compatible with iOS devices, allowing users to synchronize smartwatch Android with their iPhone. As reported by The Verge, the work would be almost finished.

In the current state of development, Android Wear works with a special application to be installed on the App Store and allows you to sync data between different smartwatch and iPhone. In addition, the user can enable notifications and receive them directly on their Android smartwatch, use Google Now and exploit more advanced features with Google apps like Gmail. According to the latest information, the user should be able to remotely manage the application directly from the music smartwatch Android.

With this move, Google wants to make trouble for Apple and its Apple Watch: making it possible to exploit the smartwatch Android Wear with the iPhone, many iOS users may be tempted to buy one of these terminals, and not the Apple Watch.

The only question is just Apple. Necessary to approve the application on the App Store Android Wear? Probably not, and this could be the only obstacle in marriage between iOS and Android Wear.