Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Interested In Nokia Maps

Since the submission of the Maps application to Apple, the boys in Cupertino have been slowly adding more features and improving the accuracy of location of the user and of the directions that we introduce in the application, although to be honest, still has a long way to do to try to approach Google Maps. Often it seems that Apple Maps section is still in beta.

At a time now, Apple has been buying different companies to improve the functioning of Maps provided the basis for the book, suggesting that the department responsible for managing the operation thereof, is unstaffed or not you given the importance that should be Apple.

According to the publication Bloomberg, Apple would be very interested in buying the Nokia Maps service offering through Here iOS application. Personally, when using the GPS in the car, I prefer a thousand times Here Nokia Maps application from Apple. Not only because it allows us to unburden Here maps and navigate without using our data rate, but because the precision and information showing is much more varied.

In the same publication, you can read that Apple could buy the maps section of Nokia by about 3000 million, a rather lower price than you paid a few years ago when the Finns bought the service for eight billion dollars. Apple is not only interested in buying the maps section of Nokia, but also ALIBABA, Facebook and Amazon would be interested in the same service.

Nokia plans to return to the mobile market and it needs liquidity could get bad after selling the map service. Since Microsoft bought the company (where the maps section is not included) Nokia has lost much of its power in the world of telephony, having to rely on third parties to manufacture and distribute the next devices having planned out the market in the coming years.