Thursday, April 16, 2015

Apple is Testing The Force Touch For The Next iPhone And iOS 9

Apple introduced the Force Touch, a technology that Apple has proved essential to use additional features on a very small device where it was not possible to add additional keys.

Following the company has updated the MacBook integrating the same potential even within the Trackpad, adding to the desktop operating system APIs that allow you to perform different actions depending on your application.

What is missing at the moment is the integration of the Force Touch in iOS and are increasingly insistent rumors that want this technology fully supported in the next iPhone.

In fact, there are rumors that in recent months Apple has begun testing the use of Force Touch screens of the iPhone to decide the correct position of the sensor.

According to early experiments it seems that the volume of the screen may increase, thereby adversely affect the reduced thickness of the device, something that Apple holds a lot. The California-based company will then study a different solution or a different screen to integrate this technology without negative repercussions.